Therapeutic Equine Magnetics

~ Promote Healing~

~Speed Recovery Time ~

~Pain Relief Without Drugs ....

                 Veterinary Recommended

     MagNTX products are constructed in a breathable mesh material,    Combined with  1.5 inch Bi-Polar Magnets,   Strategically place over the meridians of the body.

Magnetic therapy has been used for thousands of years to promote healing, remove toxins, and decrease pain by increasing circulation to affected areas. MagNTX products are designed specifically to act upon the bi-polar nature of all living cells to break up calcifications and stimulate tissues. All cells are electrical in nature, with a positively-charged nucleus and a negatively-charged outer membrane. When alternating polarity is applied through magnetic therapy, these cells are stimulated, circulation is improved, and toxins are forced out to be carried away by the bloodstream. This is beneficial in reducing inflammation, prohibiting the calcification of joints, easing navicular symptoms, and promoting healing of damaged tissues in a non-invasive, time and cost-efficient manner.


Thermography photos before and after using MagNTX Therapy.

After 1 hour using MagNTX  Equine Blanket   you can see a significant increase in overall circulation in the highlighted areas.